Yoga Oasis

A community-based yoga studio embracing diversity and individual truth.

Discover The Oasis Within

No matter where you are in your practice, you will find a place in our studio community. With a diversity of teachers, styles of yoga, and methods of movement, there is something here for everyone. All bodies, ages, and abilities are welcome. 

"I’ve been attending the restorative yoga sessions since February, 2017. There happens to be three different teachers. They are all great! They know how to suggest accommodations for physical limitations so I always feel better at the end than when I came in."
- P.C. -
"I chose to try Yoga Oasis due to their central location, variety of class offerings, frequency of class scheduling (seven days a week), good word of mouth reports and reasonable rates. I chose to stay with Yoga Oasis for the reasons above PLUS the concern and personal attention received by me from the various teachers of the classes and the camaraderie of my fellow students."
- Ray from Clarkston -